Formed in 2017 to fill the void left where early 2000’s punk left off, Columbus, Ohio based band Waiting for Satellites is cut from the cloth of pop punk mastery. 


Despite being in their relative infancy as a band, its members are no strangers to the scene. Singer and guitarist Neil Shop (Getaway, Forgotten is Forgiven) is the mastermind behind the project and keeps the Blink-182’s and New Found Glory’s close to heart in his writing. Guitarist Matt Parsons (Nine Miles High, Audio Alchemy) and bassist Nick Adams (Get Along Gang, Forgotten is Forgiven), along with drummer Paul Peterson (Getaway, Forgotten is Forgiven) all bring diverse backgrounds to Waiting for Satellites. This group of long time friends has already created a buzz in their effort to revive the pop punk genre in the Midwest. 


Waiting for Satellites debut EP, Destination: Unknown is the first energetic showcase of the bands’ slick harmonies and playful rhythm section. No need to hold out for the night when you can get a boost of energy from these satellite stars now!

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